Digital strategy

Each project is different, and must be designed and built from the inside out. We’ll choose the right methods for deciphering and planning for your future content depending on the project. These methods could include (but are not limited to) content inventories, audits, and story arcs to give us outcomes such as content models, editorial style guides, and voice and tone recommendations. Putting in the content work up front will help your new design system grow in a healthy way over time, and in the process, benefit the people who need your content most: your users.

Project Definition

You don’t know what you don’t know. All too often, those who write website redesign RFPs are really only making guesses about what the project truly requires. Likewise, people at agencies simply accept succinct RFP bullet point requirements as truths, deeper sleuthing. You can guess what happens next. Missed expectations, uncomfortable conversations, and even (gulp) project failure.

Project scoping and estimating is key to successful outcomes. Agreeing upon both the product and project scope involves shared understanding and buy-in. Through our training provided, Drunk Design will work with you to understand what the scale of your project really is, and what it’ll take to make it happen. At the end, you’ll have what you need to write an iron-clad RFP, or the confidence you need to hit the accelerator and get to work.


Sound research is the backbone of any successful project. Without it, you’re simply going on hunches. While the quantity of research we’ll perform varies from project-to-project, it’s a consistent part of all that we do. Our research activities include:

  • Existing strategy and research reviews
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Analytics reviews
  • Competitor/comparator audits
  • Technical approach assessments
  • User interviews and surveys
  • Ideation workshops

Drunk Design seeks to further our understanding of established benchmarks, key performance indicators, project goals, audience expectations, and more.

SEO Services

Traffic growth equals business growth. Our search engine optimization goal for every client is to drive more qualified traffic to your site organically – because qualified traffic converts. Our holistic, analytics-driven approach to organic search engine optimization increases your site’s search rankings for the keywords that matter to bring increased visibility and sustainable, targeted visitors to your website.

Overall, our SEO services include technical SEO website audits, in which we diagnose problems that may be holding your website back and offer recommendations for direct fixes. On an ongoing basis, our digital marketing team will work with you to identify opportunities for onsite and offsite optimization, as well as develop link-building strategies to increase your website’s authority. We also offer optimization for videos, apps, and more.